uTorrent keeps on being removed, when detection not-virus:Downloader.Win32.OfferGenerator.gen [Closed]

  • 14 May 2019
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For the past month, Kaspersky keeps on removing uTorrent as it sees it as a Trojan. It says it is a "not-virus:Downloader.Win32.OfferGenerator.gen. Just before it remover uTorrent, it deleted the uTorrent.exe. It didn't say anything about any virus. Just before this, it saw the update as a Trojan. It came up as "PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic".

When I did a search for why uTorrent is being seen as a virus, I saw from uTorrent that there seems to be a trend where all of the anti-virus companies are clamping down on the Torrent programs. It appears to be a direct attack. It is assumed that the powers that be are putting pressure on the Antivirus companies to stop torrenting. Now I know that Kaspersky is not going to admit this, they probably can't. But I need to get to the bottom of this.

I know I can set exceptions. So I can bypass it. I just need to know honestly though, is there actually a Trojan in the updates. If there is, then we can take it up with uTorrent directly, and I will do this. But if it isn't, then I need to know why you are saying that it is.

When I looked into the details of the removal of the update, it says that the fileserve[1].js file is the culprit. Can you let me know exactly what in that js file is a problem (I am a Java developer, so I can check this)?

Can you clarify this all?

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Welcome. Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request:

a. Description of the issue.
b. Screenshot, as needed.
c. GSI
For whatever reason, Kaspersky has the wrong E-Mail address for my subscription. I have asked them to fix this up, but it was never done. So I can't actually login so that I can submit a request. So I am doing it here. There doesn't appear to be any E-Mail address I can send a mail to. So I am stuck. Can anyone here sort this out while we are at it?

Here is what is said about uTorrent:

Object Name: not-a-virus:Downloader.Win32.OfferGenerator.gen
Object Type: Legitimate software that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data.

This is where I need to understand things. Obviously you can download programs using uTorrent. And obviously some of those could be viruses or trojans. It is like anything. You could download anything from the internet, that could be a virus or trojan. You never know. So downloading is dangerous. I know that. But are you now saying that a criminal could hijack uTorrent to install software without you knowing about it, or being aware of it? That is what this sounds like. And I don't think that is true. If it is, I would like to know about it, which is why I am asking. Kaspersky is saying that we shouldn't use uTorrent because it could install (on it's own through the control of a criminal) viruses and trojans on it's own. I do understand that I could download and install a virus or trojan through the use of uTorrent, but that would be my mistake, not uTorrent.

I would like to get this clarified. And in a public forums like this so that others can see it. I couldn't find any statement from anyone at Kaspersky about uTorrent, so it would be nice if it was made public. If there is actually a backdoor into uTorrent, then I would like to know about it, so that I don't become the effect of it.

I also understand that uTorrent could move to the dark side and do an update that turned them into a Trojan. The same goes for anything. Hell, Google Chrome is probably monitoring everything you do, we would never know, unless we actually decompiled the exe and had a look. This is something you do, that is how you find and handle viruses. So you would know if there is some kind of backdoor into uTorrent at this time (again, maybe this changes in the future).
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Hi RunRobert,
You are registered here in the forum (today), so you also have a working MyKaspersky account.
The login here is connected to the MyKaspersky account. Can you describe your subscription problem in more details?
I will log a separate forum post for the fixing of my account. Can we keep this thread about the uTorrent question I have?
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Hello RunRobert,
Re "Can we keep this thread about the uTorrent question I have?"
Yes, https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-anti-virus-12/utorrent-keeps-on-being-removed-when-detection-not-virus-downloader-win32-offergenerator-gen-1143#post5160, will be preserved.
Thank you!
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My 2 cents! :)

In the last years uTorrent decided to add Adware/PUP/PUA to their installers/applications, so I changed long time ago to qbittorrent, a freeware, freeadware and fully featured application 🙂
Did you succeed?
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Just add uTorrent to exclusions and trusted applications.