USB error running Kaspersky Anti-virus on Windows 10

I’d like to know if anyone had a problem like me! If I load large files, such as movies, on my USB driver (Sandisk 32G) with Kaspersky Anti-virus running, I will crash the USB after a while! Windows 10 shows a screen informing you that an error has been detected and that the USB driver is no longer available. I have to take my USB driver out and put it back in, so that I can see my USB driver normally! And the big file is not there. I have tried many tests and if I turn off my antivirus, this problem does not occur! Has anyone seen something like this? Tks! Lecio Jr.

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@Lecio Jr. Welcome, Can you please provide a screenshot from the W10 error.

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How big file do you copy to USB devices? We need do a test for it.


I think that always I had 2 or more files with 2gb or so in this process. But I'm not sure about this and I'll try this too next with the test to answer the request of Berny. I'll reply this today for both! Thanks!