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  • 11 August 2019
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Under firefox and iexplore, unable to connect to Yr web. Have to do it thru the Tor-onion project. But, then Yr downloaded connection tool cannot connect to yr server. Meanothers had a Mail.Ru there in the middle i tried to clean up. But the problem i still there. Windows7 SP1

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Under firefox and iexplore, unable to connect to Yr web. Have to do it thru the Tor-onion project. But, then Yr downloaded connection tool cannot connect to yr server. Meanothers had a Mail.Ru there in the middle i tried to clean up. But the problem i still there. Windows7 SP1
Hello @linuxsafer,
Please tell us:
  1. Free or licensed?
  2. Version?
  3. Patch(x)? x = letter
  4. Firefox version?
  5. IE version?
  6. Has this always been a problem, started recently, started in the last 24 hours? If the issue started recently or in the last 24 hours, has anything at all changed, hardware, software, network?
  7. Additional to KAV, is Kaspersky Secure Connection/vpn installed, active?
  8. Other than KSC/vpn - are any vpns installed, active?
  9. If you look at KAV REPORTS - are there any events that match "unable to connect to https://my.kaspersky.com/ ?
  10. What happens if you run Windows in SafeMode with Networking?
  11. Please tell us the actual name of "Yr downloaded connection tool"?
Can you clarify "meanothers had a Mail.Ru there in the middle i tried to clean up", with more detail please?
Would you please collect a GSI & Windows logs, upload to cloud of your choice and post back the link please?

Please post back?
Thanks so much🙏🏽
Hello, hello,

Herewith some answers to yr questions :

1.- free

2.- Installer Kaspersky for kaspersky.fr and kaspersky.be

Installer free trial Kaspersky in English. All three fail to connect.

3.- no patch

4.- Firefox 60.8.0esr 32bits

5.- IExplore 11.0.20

6.- Parallel with this problem, unable to connect to Windows Upgrade, hance to I think that i might be that a malign search engine like Mail.Ru has configured the DNS server addresses in the notebook in order to re-direct and/or block some addresses in order to prevent upgrades or anti-malwares from catching them.

Possibly while my young son connected with online gaming, ...???? Even if apparently innocent games, ...;

7.- only KAV

8.- no. Used a program to get rid of Mail.Ru itself, yesterday, but it doesn't install itself on the computer and the problem is dating from some days.

9.- today ran KAV, database 6.08.2019. No threads found. Used it as it is. It was unable to connect to the server to check whether actual.

10.- don't know exactly how to do it on a Windows machine, i am a linuxer. This notebook is for a limited use.

11.- the Free KAV has to be downloaded every time to be updated, i understand. The one i got was a full download. The actual ones are installed thru a Kaspersky installer.

Where are the GSI and Win logs Yu need in the W7 OS ?

I feel the way should rather be changing the DNS servers, but have to know where/how (or, maybe, i am completely wrong ?).

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Hello @linuxsafer.
Thank you for replying and the information.
  1. All Kaspersky software has a patch (x) defined - go to the application icon on Windows Taskbar, hover the mouse over the Kaspersky application shield, the full application name will display, or, same location / application shield, rightclick - select "About", or open the application, main screen, righthand bottom corner, next to the ⚙, select the headset 🎧, "Support" window opens, displays the required information - please take a screenprint & post back, "censor" license key before uploading.
  2. Please replicate the issue and go to KAV REPORTS, export the "ALL EVENTS" report for 24 hours and upload using the upload icon in your reply.
  3. Where was KAV sourced from?
  4. GSI & Windows logs: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7
  • Re 6. What Windows upgrade / update is/are required?
Please let us know?
1,2 and 4 : will upload them and send a link

3. from web page http://www.kaspersky.com : will upload it also
6. it is abt the regular and normal use of the Windows appli "Windows Update" that comes along with all the windows versions in order to maintain the OS up to date as long as Windows doesn't phase the version out.
In the folder resulting from the use of the appli https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632?_ga=2.140301942.41339925.1565589273-2081297995.1565589273#block7 , i find the file Network_diagnostics.txt that mentions the following DNS servers.

Serveurs DNS. . . . . . . . . . . . . :

I know how to change that in linux but not under windows. Am convinced that it would make the trick since under the Tor browser, i face no problem to reach the Kaspersky web pages : Tor works thru proxies that use different DNS servers, i understand.
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In the folder resulting from the use of GSI. i find file network_diagnostics.txt that mentions DNS servers.

Thanks for posting back
Nothing's been uploaded.
To help you we really need the data please?

Sorry for the delay, had to re-install a ftp client on my debian linux PC.
You now can find everything on http://www.hussaile.com/KAV

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Not Found
The requested URL /KAV was not found on this server.
Sorry, it is :
(kav instead of KAV)
I have left it there if steady of interest.

In the meanwhile, i solutionned the problem.

It was indeed a problem of DNS server : i found the way into windows the the DNS server configuration and found that the automatical configuration had been changed to manual, adding the IP's for the DNS servers quoted in a former post.

By removing them and turning again the DNS configuration, everything was solutionned (inclusive the Windows Upgrade access).
The problem could be interesting "per se" as this is a from of driving the internet users to maling web sites without directly infecting the user"s computer, which, finally can be as dangereous as infecting directly : unwanted sites opened by themselves too.

And, the same time, the trick prevents the user from accessing updates or protections that could potentially could make him again, by blocking the access to microsoft, kaspersky and other true defenders.

Hence that, now, antiviruses should check the DNS servers configuration, to check for malign DNS servers' IP's.