TwinCat3 start of realtime avoided by kaspersky Antivirus; incompatible.

  • 7 August 2019
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I am using Kaspersky Free together with Twincat3 vers.3.1.4022 Beckhoff software. When I try to restart twincat in runmode, it says that TwinCat3 cannot work with Kaspersky Software. Is there any solution to this problem?

2 replies

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Hello @JohnMalkovich
  1. Has KAV/Twincat3 always worked, but now the combination of software is presenting a problem?
  2. Can you go to KAV REPORTS, are there any events for TwinCat3, can you export the report & upload using the "upload icon" in your reply?
  • In KAV, does Twincat3 have a trusted application status?
  • Are you able to create an exclusion for Twincat3?
  • KAVF has limited functions/features, many of the configuration tweaks available in KAV/KISKTS/KCS are not present.
  • If you cannot create exclusions, you could try installing a trial version of KAV/KISKTS/KCS, check how Twincat3/runmode works.
  • The trial version of KAV/KISKTS/KCS gives access to all features, for the trial period, that test would be useful to do.
Please let us know?
KAVF - Limitations and warnings:
Some extra KAVF documentation:
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Edit: Hello FLOOD, I did not see you posting. :)

John, please see FLOODs' post, directly above this post. :)

Welcome. My first thought is that Kaspersky Free is for Home User, in a very simple environment.

It appears that you may have a more complex environment. Please describe your environment.