The antivirus program needs to be updated due to a compatability problem when I open excel / word through LAN communication

  • 25 January 2021
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Dear Team,

we are getting error as below during Excel / word document opened through LAN Communication. please suggest and share the patch to resolve this issue



This error may appear because an antivirus program is not allowing the file to open. This can be caused by either:
The antivirus program needs to be updated due to a compability problem with this program. 
There is a virus in the file but the antivirus program cannot properly remove or process the virus that it has found.
In either case, the file you are attempting to open should be treated as infected until you have updated your antivirus software to the latest updates available from the vendor. All major antivirus software manufacturers have created updates to address known compatibility problems with Microsoft Office programs. They also usually provide a virus signature file that is available for download from the Internet and must be updated regularly to properly scan for all known forms of viruses.
If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where a new version of antivirus software was recently installed from a CD-ROM, connect to the Internet and download the latest updates available from the manufacturer.
If you are experiencing this problem on a computer where the latest version of the software is installed, all signature files are up to date, and the file will not open (but other files do), then the file may be infected with a virus and the antivirus program cannot remove the infection.
The file could also be corrupt (damaged) and cannot be properly handled by either the antivirus software or the affected Microsoft Office program. In this case, it may be necessary to attempt recovery of the file using the related recovery utilities that may be available with the program, although not all program have file recovery or repair capabilities.
For more information about this issue, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 835404.

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Hello @sheethal


Please tell us:

  1. The full name, version & patch(x) x=letter, of installed Kaspersky software? 
  2. If the Kaspersky software is paused & exited, does Microsoft KB 835404 error persist? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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