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  • 21 November 2020
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Hello. I run a Windows 10 programme on my laptop, AcerAspire E1-570. The latest update appears to have removed the capacity to print anything when using the Kaspersky Antivirus  (such as bank statements) which has not been an issue previously. I have checked my wireless Brother MFC J6910DW is properly connected to my computer and it is. A prior issue with printing with Kaspersky in action was identified (2013) and a patch initiated in 2015. Can I use this patch to correct the position now?

6 replies

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@Muddling Welcome. Which Kaspersky Antivirus version are you actually running ?

Thanks Berny for your quick response. I am running Kaspersky Total Security. Muddling

Berny. I regret this has not resolved the problem. Many thanks. Muddling



i am facing the same problem. Did you find a solution? Right now i just stop my Kaspersky while printing, but this is not a lon-term solution?

Hello antiTrojan

Unfortunately I have yet to receive a response from Kaspersky regarding this issue. I have no problems printing normal stuff, but off anything that is Kaspersky protected and the web, I cannot print. Had a communication from a Benny in France(?) but that did not resolve my problem - this appears to be a recent issue as I could previously print direct from my internet banking and from the web. I wonder whether a recent update has prevented me from accessing what I could before……...Muddling

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Please see this Topic :