Potential Conflict Between Hue Sync and Kaspersky

  • 12 February 2021
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Hi there,


I just migrated from Norton LifeLock to Kaspersky AV and it seems to be preventing Hue Sync connecting to the bridge.


I already reinstalled the app and tried to configure it in all exclusions I could find inside Kaspersky but behavior is erratic. Sometimes it connects to the bridge (but light control does not work).


Funny that while doing the initial setup, Hue Sync is able to find the bridge. But after that, most of the time it won't connect.


Kaspersky complained of invalid certificates. Although I click on it to allow the connection, things are still not working. I even tried to disable Kaspersky verification of encrypted traffic.


Any ideia on how to make it work again or any suggestions?


Android app is working. Also installed Hue Sync inside a VM, working too, so the problem is not Hue sync or the bridge.


Thanks in advance!


Windows x64 20H2 19042.804

Kaspersky AV

Hue Sync

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