Payment Deducted but showing error on website.

I recently paid for my kaspersky account renewal. 

Amount :- 1074.50

Complaint no:- 11419737

Name :- Adhiksha Thorat

Amount was deducted from my paytm account but I was shown an error message page saying that error request not successful.

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Hello @Adhiksha


Unfortunately, the Kaspersky Community cannot fix licensing / failed payment issues, you must continue following up the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support

Thank you:pray_tone3:



What to do if you did not receive the activation code after buying a Kaspersky application


I tried all of it but didn’t receive any proper response from your customer supports. I would request you to please provide proper solution for this issue.

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Hello @Adhiksha

Unfortunately, there is nothing the Kaspersky Community can do, the Kaspersky Community cannot assist.

The options available to you are: to continue to seek a resolution with the Kaspersky Technical Support Team, or if the failed purchase was from a website that was not Kaspersky or a Kaspersky Business Partner, you must engage directly with the merchant of the purchase site.

Also, advise your Bank in writing, the history of the transaction, so they can assist you.  

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Dear  Team,
Hi. This is Tonmoy Das from Kolkata, India. My license had expired for my desktop account. Hence I tried renewing it online for Internet security 1 year 1 pc for Rs. 499.50 . I have registered myself with my name and mail id  as I made an online payment 30th March 2020. The amount was debited from my card. But I didn't receive any confirmation message nor any activation coded. It just displayed a page saying payment not received redirecting to payment gateway. Till date the amount is not returned back to me. I have attached the sms receipt for bank transaction. 

I humbly request you to help me with this as soon as possible. Thanking you.

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@Tonmoy  @Adhiksha We would like to help you but this is a user Forum, only K-Lab Technical Support can resolve your problem..

Please submit a request here : https://center.kaspersky.com 

Hi! This is Vignesh from chennai.  I have Paid Rs. 499 to buy the  Anti-Virus pack for 1 Year. The money was deducted from my account . But in the Site after payment it shows “Payment was not completed for this order. Please click here if you would like to place a new order.” What to do next?

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 Hello @Vignesh Suresh,


Thank you:pray_tone3:


on 12-08-2020 i tried to purchase 3 pcs for 1 year but some error shown, the payment is deducted but nothing happened, how will i get my refund.

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@Adhiksha Welcome.

Please contact K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com

Dear Friends

I also faced similar problem (payment deducted but didnot receive activation code). But I resolved within an hour.

  • I logged into Kaspersky support - https://www.kaspersky.co.in/about/contact - Clicked on HOME SUPPORT - Click on PURCHASING AND LICENSING
  • You will meet a virtual assistant - type in your problem - like “didnt receive activation code”
  • The VA will give you an answer and ask you if it was useful - Say “NO” - Then it will ask you why - click on - The solution provided did not resolve my problem
  • It will pop up a message - Thank you for your feedback – I will keep on training. In the meantime, please contact our support staff via chat directly by clicking here
  • A live chat will open up - fill in your details - “ I am xxxr Sxxx, from India. My license number [Removed] , had expired for my desktop account. Hence I tried renewing it online for Internet security 2 year 1 pc for Rs. 799.50. I made an online payment from SBI Account for Rs 799.50 to CC Avenue (INB AVENUES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED) with reference number - CCAHISXXXXXXXXJIHBZJ4 on 4 Sep 2020. The amount was debited from my netbanking account. But I didn't receive any confirmation message nor any activation coded.”
  • The chat will show a message - 

    I am MAXXXX your support representative for today's chat. Thank you so much for the information, please give me 2-3 minutes to check on your concern. Please take note of the reference number for this concern INC000011869519.


    Wait for a while - if the payment info is correct - he will send you you your activation code like he/she/it sent to me [Removed]


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My name is Abdul Hanan Modak

I had a similar problem with buying a renewal of Kaspersky AV. Instead, I bought a new Kaspersky Internet Security Subscription.

I bought it, the payment was deducted but received no order confirmation.

but sometime later received an email with ode confirmation

my advice wait for the email check your emails 

if still don't receive them, register  with home support and talk o a virtual assistant and then a cc representative to resolve you issues