One PC has stopped showing notifcation after nightly scan completes

  • 3 April 2021
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Windows 10 Pro v. 2004, Kaspersky Anti Virus

I have two Windows 10 PCs, running same Win 10 version and same A/V version. I run a scan every night, full scan on Sunday, quick scan rest of week, followed by a backup and shutdown.

The scans are started from batch files, triggered by a Windows Task entry:

avp.com start Scan_Startup > d:\decodes\QuickScan.txt 2>&1

avp.com start scan_my_computer > d:\decodes\FullScan.txt 2>&1

Until recently, both PCs left a notification message that the scan had completed, with no threats.

Now, the notification no longer appears in just one of the PCs. The saved output text shows that the scans were run and completed successfully; it’s only the Windows 10 notification that’s missing. Without the notification, I feel compelled to check the saved output text to assure myself that the scan did actually run.

I’ve scoured the Windows and Kaspersky settings of both PC and they appear to be identical.

What have I missed? What setting or other factor has been changed which would cause the notification to no longer appear?




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Hello @Bert

Welcome back!

Please read, active topic: KIS v21.3.10.391 and Windows 10 - Problem with disabling some Windows notifications of scan completion?, doesn’t exactly answer the question, however, it appears there may be an issue or issues with scan notifications.

  1. Also confirm, atm, patch(a) has not been applied? 
  2. Check Windows Notifications settings? 
  3. Export KAV Settings.
  4. Reset KAV Settings to default.
  5. Recheck if “nightly scan notification” issue persists? If “yes”, log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, select Application, Other template: Support may request Logs, Traces & other data, they will guide you. 

Please share the outcome with the Community? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Sorry to have to report that this appears to be a false alarm caused by my inability to see what’s in front of me.

Using VNC, I displayed the notification settings of the PC which worked correctly along side the one which wasn’t and found that they were not exactly the same as I had thought.

Making them match, I then started a Quick Scan by manually triggering the item in the Task Library and when it completed, the desired notification appeared as it should. If I’d had my wits about me, I’d have made note of what was different, but I dropped the ball on that one too.