on demand scan does not work

  • 25 March 2020
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Hello, On demand scan does not work! This happened many times…. It is frustrating.

If i uninstall and reinstall the app it works but after 1-2 days it cannot do a custome scan (on demand scan of a file or folder) again!

How can i contact support?

Also why i have to sign in to Kaspersky in order to report a problem? What kind of support is this?



3 replies

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How can i contact support?

@takal Welcome. Please submit a ticket here https://center.kaspersky.com 

Thank you. But i’m very disappointed with Kaspersky antivirus product. Too many issues periodically…

Also, for me it is unacceptable to go through a registration process to have some support for a paid product!


I do not think i will engage with Kaspersky products any more…

Anyway thanks again

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@takal If you want to obtain some suggestions from this Forum please feel free to provide a GSI Log