MY laptop preformance gone down drasticly and internet speed spikes

  • 29 March 2021
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I got the 1 mounth triel of Kasperski Anti-virus to see is it worth it, and after 1 hour of using it my internet started to slow down and stop from time to time, but i had in mind that maby there is just some minor problem but 30 min later my Games and Chrome browser started to glich and lag at 1 point i had to press something 20-30 times so the pc gets the command. So i deleted all kasperski files and everything that i found that is form kasperski but my laptop is still lagging and glitching pls help. 

P.S The moment i downloaded it i ran a scan 0 threats 0 viruses 0 maleware 

My laptop is Lenovo Legion y540, windows 10, Internet speed 100mbps,  

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1 reply

do you have ssd drive?