My Antivurs Secure Connection and 300 Mb

  • 8 February 2020
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I don’t understand the 300 MB that seems to be allotted or comes with the AV that I purchased the 2019 Version and it appears or as i understand it, it will play out the 300 mb? And then i’m not covered or that is, not covered for secure connection as or if i use the 300 MB then i would have to wait till the next time around to be covered or protected by the AV? In other words, if / when i use the 300MB it ends and then is that where i’m not protected?



6 replies

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@leis Welcome. Once the 300 Mb are used up Kaspersky AV is still protecting your device.
To obtain the unlimitted KSC  (= vpn service) please see this https://support.kaspersky.com/13497

FYI , actually K 2020 is available and can be activated with your current license.

Ok well can you help explain what that means? My current license and K2020. This antivirus i’m afraid I have (is what I have operating) and it wasn’t even on today when i logged on and i had to wake it up or something activated when i restarted computer and i think it’s making my computer slow. So I may just pay for another antivirus because if i got this on sale and now i have to purchase more of a piece of it to make it work out i don’t understand at all the process. So seemingly is it that since i don’t what I’m doing really-i bought it on sale and am i now learning that only i’m covered for 300 mb usage of being online? I had Trend before and never had that trouble so i’m new at this stage of antivirus and so far  i don’t think i like it and i thought it was automatically on the computer to ‘automatically’ be in start up from powering up computer.


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Let’s clarify :

1) On your PC your registered Kaspersky Anti-Virus is protecting you continuously in real-time  against malware for an unlimited online traffic.

2) Kaspersky Secure Connection is second/additional different application that is offering you for free a 300 MB limited VPN connection. Please see above how to obtain the full unlimited version.

Hey Again

Thanks BTW for all your help. I am in the process of obtaining that log and have it in the making now. I will post back as soon as it’s finished up.

Thanks, and if it’s tomorrow, it probably will be (that is).Ok.


Hi Berny, 

Hey can i ask you (one more time) about when the 200 mg is used in my account or i’ve maxd to the included 200, and if i don’t purchase upgrade for the 300, does that mean i am still covered on the antivirus just not on secure website sites when or if i continue to browse the internet? 


Sorry to be a burden in this regard :|

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Hello @leis,

You’re not a burden, do not worry!

  • To use the FREE Kaspersky Secure Connection daily 300mb data, it’s not necessary to buy the Premium KSC-VPN, the FREE 200mb increases to 300mb if you log into your MyKaspersky.com account ONCE, doing that will automatically increase the KSC-VPN FREE daily data limit to 300mb.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus security is completely different to the Kaspersky Secure Connection, the Secure Connection hides the source IP address, it does not provide any AV protection.
  • Your Anti-Virus works independent of Kaspersky Secure connection. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:



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