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  • 6 August 2021
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I have been searching through different forums about this potential virus and all I have found are people reporting that it was a false positive, copy and pasted articles and unreplied posts. I am considering rebooting my laptop because I am thoroughly scared about it. 

I was idle on my laptop until this kaspersky reported that “this virus” was seen on “system storage”. The first thing I did was search about it and attempt to click to the local files that it was last seen. It didn’t allow me to. After a while, I pressed resolve on my laptop and it deleted a number of files from “System32” to “Program Files x86”. 

I really do not know what to do. I have three questions.


is there a proper fix for it?

is it even possible to remove it through rebooting? (since I’ve heard of some viruses persisting reboot). 

And, if it is possible to remove it through rebooting, will a “keep personal files” reboot suffice?

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@gaishsjs Welcome.

Please follow the advice from @richbuff  in this similar Topic :