KAV 2020: Frequently asked questions. Where? When? How? What? Offline installer? [merged] [Closed]

  • 26 July 2019
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Global English version kav20.0.14.1085aen_18786 at : https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/antivirus

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  • 2020 has been commercially released, for all regions.
[Off Topic] The last i heard is ETA end August. [/Off Topic]
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[Off Topic] The last i heard is ETA end August. [/Off Topic]

Providing options to @Arwa, when he's considering upgrading, how is that off topic🤔?
  • What’s new in Kaspersky 2020 security solutions: Kaspersky Team, July 24, 2019
From: Kaspersky Lab Support, Sent: Thursday, 25 July 2019 11:19
  • Yesterday was the day that the new 2020 version became officially released.
  • Official release as per the Lab.

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Sorry for this confusion FLOOD , not your but my above intervention is marked by myself as [Off Topic]. As far as i know 2020 isn’t yet available for all regions , the Global download site provides only the EN version.

From K-Lab Tech Support :
“Please have in mind that the official releases will be rolling out by the end of August (unless timetable changes)”
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Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, sent: Friday, 26 July 2019 13:58:
Kaspersky Security 2020 v., CR, (english language) has been released.
Patch(b) [latest patch] is available, run database update.
KAV/KIS/KTS/KSC 2020 .exe https://www.kaspersky.com
KAV/KIS/KTS/KSC 2020 help documentation: https://help.kaspersky.com/
atm, english version is released for region/countries:
1. Carribean
2. European Union
3. Indonesia (version in Indonesian is also available)
4. Israel
5. Malaysia
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@FLOOD The release sequence from the Kaspersky products has been like this since years , however some non English Kaspersky users will temporary install and run the released 2020 EN version , and will later switch to their own regional version when becoming available.
I am ready to Try KAV 20.XX. Is it compatible with Windows 10 Pro 1903 Pro build UPDATE 1 that was just released a few days ago?

Also, where can I check for the very latest version of the product and the release notes? Again, this is for KAV 20 and not KIS..
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Try here: http://dm.kaspersky-labs.com/en/kav/ running startup.exe, it's an online installation.

Check here http://dm.kaspersky-labs.com/ for different/specific country region...

I need a offline installer for kav2020

Can I download this software fron kaspersky repository?

Where is the link?

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The is no public offline installers in the last versions, Your best bet is to contact to Kaspersky Support via the service https://center.kaspersky.com/ and request them the installer.