kaspersky@dach.kaspersky-mail.de, received mail from, please confirm if this is an official address.

  • 4 July 2019
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Good day,

I have received an email from kaspersky@dach.kaspersky-mail.de, can you please confirm if this is an official address?

Thank you

3 replies

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Hello Diporto,
Apologies, it's been difficult trying to get conclusive information from Kaspersky about this:

The Kaspersky Lab Technical Support Supervisor said:
We couldn't verify kaspersky@dach.kaspersky-mail.de the moment, it is confidential information.
Our company uses plenty of email addresses for certain purposes (sales, marketing, support as such) we can only verify those within our department, bc (our company) uses a lot of email addresses for certain campaigns, we are unable to verify each and every one of those.
We (Kaspersky) don't have a database for email addresses.
The only way we could verify the email address that you have provided is if you give us information.
  1. How / where did you get the email from?
  2. We would need a screenshot of the email that you've received and verify with the other departments.
  3. If you've lived in the DACH region and ordered from our webstore then there is a high chance that this email is legitimate. "

  • Hmm, all is not lost tho, if you look at the email "source data", copy and paste that data to an email parser, the parser will provide inforamtion about the origin of the email, from that we can tell if it's legitimate.
If you need help extracting/parsing the data, please let me know?

&, most legitimate companies, have strict email policies, including addressing the recipient by name.
If the email addresses you as "Dear x" [ x = anything other than your name ], the email may not be authentic

The other thing you could do is log a case with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support,https://my.kaspersky.com/, provide detail & an image and ask them to verify
" kaspersky@dach.kaspersky-mail.de " address?

Please let us know how you go?

Many thanks
Hi Flood,

Many thanks for your reply. I have tried to contact the technical support but it seems that this service is not provided for free users. Attached is the email that I received on July 4th, just 3 days after I downloaded and registered the Kaspersky Free for Swizterland.

I didn't realize and I clicked in the link of the email. Afterwards I got a new email from the same address saying that I could cancel my registration at any moment in my account or clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in their emails.

The link starts with https://kaspersky-s.neolane.net/.... Neolane seems to be a technology marketing provider which would make sense if this was indeed a real link for the Newsletter of Kaspersky.


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Hello Alejandro,
Thank you for posting back and the extra information.
Yes, you are correct. Kaspersky Lab does not offer any technical spupport unless a valid licence is held by the requestor.
A person with a very similar inquiry (from the Kaspersky Forum archive)
https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/402530-kaspersky-lab-anmeldebest%C3%A4tigung-newsletter-abo/ - original in German language.
Additionally - kaspersky-s.neolane.net = news, web and email marketing.
Best regards!