Kaspersky [upgrading to new version] during Windows 10 update

  • 10 December 2020
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For the second time now, Kaspersky has updated during a Windows 10 update. This wouldn’t be a problem but after the update it makes Youtube completely unusable as well as some programs, websites and video games.

How do I turn THIS automatic update off? I don’t mind if it updates on its own, but whenever it updates during a Windows update, all hell breaks loose! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

3 replies

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Kaspersky updating (automatically after 15 - 20 min when you are login on desktop).

You can change this : kaspersky > update and there is run mode and change it.



I don’t mind these automatic updates, what I do mind is Kaspersky updating from versions 20 to 21 during Windows 10 updates that I have no  control over. Is there something in Kasperky’s settings that can change that?

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Uhm yes... Kaspersky removed this feature for automatically download and install new version of antivirus.