Kaspersky Update Utility Not using all downloaded update files

  • 12 August 2020
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Hello users.

I have used Kaspersky Update Utility and selected to update Kaspersky Antivirus Free and configured to download modules and database.

The total download was 857 MB.

When starting Kaspersky Antivirus Free and configuring correctly to use the folder where KIS had downloaded the updates the update process work correctly, but the total data displayed in Kaspersky Antivirus Free update window is less of 150 MB and after of update process is displayed an symbol that update was done and the antivirus is up to date.

From an 857 MB update files was copied only less of 150 MB.

I not understand if is displayed only the definitions transfer size because if was also copied modules the antivirus continue displaying version.

Thus being if really was used only less of 150 MB how I can download only the need to update correctly ?

850 MB is very big size for an update.

How download exaclty that Kaspersky Antivirus Free really need ?

Thanks for reply.

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KIS/KAV/KFA/KTS which have the same protection mode will download same database file. But KFA only download and install its necessarily file. So this behavior will happen. You can see ‘Updates’ folder in database download root path. As you can see,  it has all product function name and its files.



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