Kaspersky cannot disinfect HeurRiskTool, winrmsrv.exe.

  • 18 March 2020
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Kaspersky is unable to destroy this trojan virus, windows defender is all messed up and not working so i installed kaspersky to deal with it, currently its scanning windows folder and fixed some backdoors, looks like a riskware, what should i do, should i press delete but i dont know its a windows file?


2 replies

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Welcome. Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: 

a. Description of the issue.
b. Screenshot of the detection details
c. GSI

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Also, this can be a Microsoft legitimate process (should be signed digitally, located in C:\Windows\System32\), but it can be malicious also, used to cryptomining the system and FireWall may ask to give network access to this file… I don’t have it neither in my main system (desktop) nor in my laptop both with W10 Pro x64,  so very suspicious file and detection...