Kaspersky blocked all BF & Origin :(

  • 14 August 2019
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I have problem with the best Anti-Virus software ever :(
When it is installed on Windows 7 x64 and i want to play BF(2,3,4 or BC)the best game ever 🙂 and i start Origin i can't use them. :(
BF 2,4 and BC show me that i am offline,BF 3 tell me to connect to the internet(which work perfect in that time)after i try to go inside of some server, the chat in origin stay offline when i am online.
What happen?
I want to play the best games and to protekt my PC with the best Anti-Virus program and i can't do it. :(
I am so,so sad ;(
I need quick help! Pls.

Thank you.

6 replies

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Hi @Angel Of Death

So sorry to hear you are having troubles with your game and kaspersky.

  1. How is kaspersky blocking the game?
  2. Is there a notification from kaspersky that is being blocked? If so, can you show us a screenshot of the notification?
  3. Can you try exiting kaspersky and try again with your game if you are having the same issues?
To exit kaspersky:
Please look for a green shield located at the bottom right corner of your screen > Right click > Click on Exit > A notification will appear and click on 'Continue'

Please keep us posted.

Hello battybatmam4unme
Thank you for your quick answer. :)
Yes,there had notifications.

I am sorry for xxxxxxxing resolution(the original is better)i don't know why xxxxing youtube did it with that resolution. :/

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@Angel Of Death try turning on the Do not scan encrypted connections exception https://help.kaspersky.com/KAV/2020/en-US/68219.htm and check the problem is reproducing.

If the problem persists, add the Origin application to the trusted list and enable the Do not scan traffic exception https://support.kaspersky.com/14866#block3
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When Kas sfw is installed on Windows 7 x64 and i want to play BF(2,3,4 or BC), Origin i can't use them.

Hello @Angel Of Death,
As well as the information from @kmscom,
Please share with us:
  1. Free or licensed?
  2. Version?
  3. Patch(x)? x = letter
  4. Origin version?
  5. BF version?
  • Have you engaged Origin/BF developer about their certificates?
  • Have this issue always existed?
  • IF "yes", what's changed, anything hardware, software, network?
IF "no", have you:
Uninstalled Orgin/BF,
Rebooted using FULL shutdown method.
After login:
Ensured KAV is active
Downloaded & installed a new Origin/BF installer.
Rebooted using FULL shutdown method.
Activated Origin / BF
Result = issue resolved? ☺👍🏽 - please let us know?
Result = issue remains 😰, please collect GSI & Windows logs, upload to cloud, post the link in your reply.

GSI ref: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7
Hello everybody,
First of all,thank you very much for yours help.
At the momen i am not in my home and i will back in it on 19.08. when i will try everything what you wrote.
@FLOOD my kav is licensed,it is with last update i don'remember it version.I don't know the answers on the other questions(how i said,because i am not in my home right now).
@kmscom mscom origin is there in trusted applications.
I am so sorry that i can't try everythig what you want. :(
Really,i am sorry about that.
One more time,thank you VERY MUCH on everyone.I appreciate it! 🙂
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Hello @Angel Of Death,
Thank you for letting us know🙏🏽!
It's always good to know "free" or "licensed": Kaspersky free sfw has limitations, we base our configuration guidance specific to the product.
Enjoy your 🌅🌴😎🍹time away, we'll still be here when you return🙂
Best regards.

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