Kaspersky auto deletes files that are in exclusions

  • 22 May 2019
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I have added my Graphtec (Plotter cutter) files to exclusions and the software has been added to safe, But after latest update Kaspersky AUtomatically deletes the file common.dll! I have even paused re installed Graphtec and added to exclusions again but it still deletes it. How to solve this please?

9 replies

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Hello Dona,
Would you be kind enough to let us know which KAV version is installed please?
Can you go to KAV "Reports" & see if there are any recorded events for the deleted file? If so please export the report, then copy & paste one or two the the identified entries & please post back?
Also please provide the full path of the exclusion & where you've applied in KAV please?
Also, has this problem just started, or, has KAV always objected to Graphtec (Plotter cutter) files?
If it's a new issue, can you let us know what may have changed that may be contributing?
Also, may we have a GSI: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7 please?
Thanks so much!
Hi, Thanks for taking time to answer my enquiry
Yes, it was an issue about a year ago... However after numerous attempts of adding to exclusion, eventually it stopped. I have been reinstalling Graphtec software for 3 days (with Kaspersky diabled) adding to exclusions and safe, but every time Kasperky is enabled it deletes the file and Graphtec stops working.
Reports: Does not show in deleted..
full path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphtec\Graphtec Pro Studio\Program and then picked the file.
I have also provided different paths C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphtec\Graphtec Pro Studio

I have also tried to exclude via notification centre and still no positive outcome.

Thank you 🙂
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Hello Dona,
Thanks for posting back!
May I ask, is there a reason you're still on please? Is this by choice? If yes, please tell me the patch, usually represented by a letter, for example ?
So, after having it work for a good 12 months, 3 days ago, it began to be a problem again?
Something has changed.... Has the Kaspersky application updated to a new patch?
Before we suggest solutions let's try to work out why Kaspersky has decided to be difficult all of a sudden?
Could we trouble you for a GSI please: https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632#block7 please?
Many thanks!
Definitely not my choice, perhaps I am just to daft to think that it would update to a new version automatically as it does the virus data base :D
What happened was that, Windows 10 updated, and problem re occurred (it had updated before a few times and no issues to report until now)

GSI.. should I include Window log too?

Thank you
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Hello Donna,
Not daft at all!
Windows logs, yes please?
Sometimes Windows updates can cause issues, we'll look at everything, before we update KAV.
& may I ask, how often do you power off/on PC please?
Thanks again!
Most probably not as much as I should. I have been recently turning it off at the end of the day as it started crashing (a few times- Blue screen with writing: PC run into some problems, we will restart it for you). The crash happened maybe 6-7 times in the last 3 months.

GSI is running, I will report as soon as it is done

Thank you again for your help 🙂
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Thank you Donna!
BSOD - eeew, we'll see if we can get all the problems cleaned up!
GSI may take a while, grab a coffee and post when you're ready.
Can you also post the link to site you source Graphtec from please?
Thanks so much!
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Hello @Dona 

Was your problem solved? Please let us know the result. Thanks in advance.


GSI got stuck every time I tried to run it so, I had never managed to run it in the end.

What did solve the issue was that I had to reinstall the actual software the antivirus was deleting/stopping in the first place. It took a few reinstallations and while every time adding the software to exclusions and it did work in the end… It happened after I purchased a new membership so I am prepared it will happen again 

so far so good….