Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 - error resolving network name

  • 18 November 2019
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So today i just started my PC and when i logged into Windows 10 i saw a notification in which was saying


“Application databases not updated” and it also said “error resolving network name”


Any ideas why this happened ? I’m using Kaspersky Antivirus 2019.


Here is also a screenshot. I’m using a router, but i have an internet cable in my PC also.


Edit :

The issue seems to have dissappeared now after i waited about 15-20 min and KAV update itself.


I think i might have fast startup enabled in my Win 10. Was that the cause ?


Also i found on the web on the older kaspersky forums that someone said that updating the status of the license helps.

5 replies

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Does this issue only happen when the PC is first started up? How many times has the issue occurred? How often? Does the error resolve after waiting a short time for your entire system to come on line? 

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I’m not really sure. Today was the first time i saw it. It doesn’t happen always, at least i hope it won’t since today was the first time.


It was actually resolved by itself. After 15-20 minutes after i logged into windows, KAV updated itself without a problem and the issue was gone.


I think fast startup is enabled in my OS. Could it have something to do with that ?

Did the OS boot up too fast for KAV to recognize it had internet connection ?

Perhaps KAV couldn’t “detect” the internet connection right away because fast startup is enabled in the OS ?

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If your environment has been configured that way for a while, then that would not be to blame. Please post back if it happens again. 

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Well i think that back when i had Win 7, i think i did not have fast startup enabled on it. Only on Win 10 it seems fast startup is enabled by itself, but i like it because it boots to desktop well… fast :smile:


Will definetly post here if it happens again. I hope it won’t though. :smile:


Just one thing : if it does happen again, and it gets solved again after KAV updates itself 15-20 minutes after startup, should i leave it like that ?


If it happens again, do you think it’s worth to try the update the status of the license like it said on the old kaspersky forum ?

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Was your problem solved?