Karsperski Internet Security has become a spamming nightmare!

  • 6 February 2021
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Since I’ve renewed for the 5th year in a raw my subscription to what I thought was the best antivirus protection software on the market, my computer started to give me a number of errors and issues and furthermore I am constantly proposed stronger system of securing my passwords my security, children protection and so forth with additional applications from karspersky. Now it even took over the update of software and provide a crippled VPN. A little out of its league  don’t you think? My computer is not as fast as it used to be and the time I’ve spent trying to rectify all this is a real big problem.  Since yesterday I’m suddenly and for no reasons experiencing shut downs crashes. I want to preannunce that this is a brand new installation on a brand new SSD. I ran a full scan with karspersky and nothing has being reported, I checked temperature of CPU and GPU and its within the normal values, I checked my past activity on the internet and there is nothing that would even inspire a suspicion of unsafe sites.  I’ve reported problems to their technical departement before, they actually connected to my pc by remote and performed a trace of karsperski activities. That was 2 weeks ago, I’ve received no notification to that problem which now has escalated to shut downs. I run a maleware program and of course the result were positive. Now I wonder why Karsp[ersky didn’t detect any of these..  Is it still a anti maleware and virus program or are we just paying money out for no reason…?

A very concerned user who has completely lost trust in this organization, I would even go as far as speculating that it is Karsperky itself that feeds us virus and maleware, especially when it’s time to renew the subscription. Now there would be absolutely nothing outrageous about this statement considering what we have experienced on this planet by trusted large organizations, governmets and multinationals until now.  and why in hell is this site in Russian?  This has been posted on my various pages on facebook and on twitter. 


Rob von Gallandt

3 replies

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it is Karsperky itself that feeds us virus and maleware

Welcome. Can you please provide the détails from the malicious object.


No I can’t. I didnt make a note of what was found and over the years  this is not the first time that Karspersky has allowed a virus  or even maleware into my system.  On a more important issue.  could you instade  now provide details an proven disclaimers against what I wrote  above? Don’t undervalue the fact that this customer and poerhaps others not as eloquent as me have lost all trust into this software, in fact I’m actually asking myself why do I still have it installed.

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I’m suddenly and for no reasons experiencing shut downs crashes.

I would like to help you but this community can’t provide assistance  for crashes caused by Kaspersky.

Please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support and attach a full dump file in your request :



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