Is Kaspersky Responsible for my High GPU Usage During Scan?

  • 15 January 2022
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I’ve only just purchased a license to Kaspersky and during a full scan I was running today, I took at look at task manager out of interest. Apparently, 50-60% of my GPU’s video encode engine was in use during the scan. I’ve got a powerful graphics card so that took me by surprise a little, since it usually idles at 1-2%.

I just want to know whether or not Kaspersky uses GPU as well as my CPU during a scan, so that I can be sure there isn't something else running in the background that I should be sorting out.

Before you ask, It’s not possible to view which program is directly responsible for the GPU usage in the same way that you can with CPU usage via task manager, since all work gets loaded onto the NVIDIA Container application.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some more info on this.

1 reply

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@Hobow20_ Welcome.

Under normal conditions Kaspersky is not using GPU during a scan,
if however your suspect Kaspersky please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :

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