Is build the year 2020 version? Also, it doesn’t activate in start up windows 10 when i powered up computer.

I purchased $15.99

Kasperskey  Antivirus the other day 




  Does this mean that it’s 2020 version?

(I believe it’s slow) and it doesn’t activate in start up windows 10 when i powered up computer. I had to go wake it up to start. 

 Also it is offering VPN coverage for 4.99 and i wasn’t even aware before i purchased there was a limit on the 300 mb coverage that i believe that’s the 4.99 add on. 


 i would like to have an updated all-in-one AV that for the price probably i was expecting more than what it seems to be and I’m not sure of that either.



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@leis Welcome.

KAV 2020 Patch “g” is the latest version

Concerning KSC please see this https://support.kaspersky.com/13497

Is Kaspersky systematically not starting up , if so please provide a GSI Log

Berny I appreciate your response, however, it looks like i don’t have the 2020 version. So, to upgrade into that instead, is there such a way to do that without incurring the full price or that might be difficult. It sounds like i should upgrade to the 2020 version, i suspect. If i have the 2020 version perhaps the VPN offer for the difference to add that on now, is $4.99 and may be included in 2020 version.

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Hello @leis,

If you’ve paid a subscription for the Kaspersky Anti-Virus software you do not need to pay another subscription. 

Is KAV installed?

If “yes”, open the application, choose the :headphones: headset in the lower left hand corner of the application, that will open the Support window, in the Support window you’ll see the Kaspersky product name, version & patch(x) x = letter.

  1. Please tell us the Kaspersky Anti-Virus version & patch?
  • Regarding Kaspersky Secure Connection-VPN, it’s an additional free version, Kaspersky includes with all of their home AV software, irrespective of the year, 2018, 19, 20 etc… 

The free VPN, gives 200mb per day, increases to 300mb, if you sign into your MyKaspersky account (once). 

The free VPN has advertising, no Technical Support & automatically selected (by VPN) the remote virtual location. 

It’s not mandatory to have or use Kaspersky Secure Connection-VPN. 

If you wish to use the licensed Kaspersky Secure Connection-VPN, it is necessary to purchase a separate license for the VPN only. 

A VPN works by routing your device's internet connection through your chosen VPN's private server rather than your internet service provider (ISP) so that when your data is transmitted to the internet, it comes from the VPN rather than your computer.

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


How to manually install a new version of a Kaspersky product

Hello the very ver. & patch i put in the beginning topic above, it’s

i have just copied from above and put the underline in the 20 part to ask if that was the year of 2020 so that might identify as such and from the info. i now learned, this version was i believe in June 2019 that is operating on my computer.

The 4.99 per month for the VPN may not be necessary but i believe  i did use the alloted 200 the first day i had on machine so, it’s sort of catchy to see if need to subscribe and that’s why i thought of i should have probably paid the 29.99 for the updated antivirus for 2020?


Also shouldn’t the antivirus start up when i power up computer (win. 10) it doesn’t appear in the startup in task manager so …   i would have to put it there and i have x’d the box for starting when computer starts in the Kapsky.  spot   but i don’t know exactly there that is in this capacity or the easiest way to get to that box but it was x’d   to ‘start’ when   i just assumed that that was automatic. But this computer is slow and it’s rediculous it’s a year old.

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Hello @leis,

Thank you for posting back and the additional information:ok_hand_tone3:

I saw at the beginning, that’s why I was requesting confirmation, when you wrote “it looks like i don’t have the 2020 version”.

So, checkpoint, you have the most up to date version of KAV:thumbsup_tone3:

The software copyright year is 2019, the version year is 2020



Using the KSC-VPN free data allowance everyday (200mb daily if a onetime connection is not made to the MyKaspersky account, otherwise 300mb daily), remains free. 

The free KSC-VPN is separate from the KAV license. 

Kaspersky “pre-package” the KSC-VPN with all Kaspersky Home AV software. 

If you wish to use KSC-VPN with:

  • No advertising
  • Technical Support
  • Choice of the 18 remote virtual locations
  • Unlimited data
  • VPN can be installed on 5 devices

It’s necessary to purchase a separate license for the KSV-VPN, the license can be a monthly or annual license.

Please post back if we can help?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Hello @leis,

I’ve just seen 

Also shouldn’t the antivirus start up when i power up computer (win. 10) it doesn’t appear in the startup in task manager so …   

  • Yes, KAV should start when the computer is started, unless (a) the startup has been changed or (b) there’s a problem:thinking:
  • May we have a GSI & Windows Logs please?

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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may be included in 2020 version.

Please see this Topic 

This is the file that I downloaded from the scan per the tool from the link you provided. If there’s additional requirements or the like, let me know. Thanks*




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@leis Please clean install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2020 :

> Download KAV 2020 https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads
> Exit KAV 2020 > uninstall > reboot
> Install KAV 2020 > update Databases > reboot

Berny    Thanks again for Your expert advise. The link itself is to the updating parlor and selection to choose from to download and so, with that what of or do i look for the build i have installed or just pick a new download KAV 2020  if

it shows that exact version or the KAV2020(?)  I know it’s looking like I’m thick, but i’m getting used to  and learning, though it’s a little late in the day...:) already)

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@leis You are welcome. 
Please download KAV 2020 from this location https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/antivirus

Hi Berny    I got the :) new installment and I think i’m liking it better now too** Maybe I kind of got a little hyper when i thought i was missing out or didn’t quite do something right but this feels for some reason, better already :) 

Well Thanks a lot! I want to still explore about and see what there is to learn and look in community at other topics and the rest of it. But for now, not a bad weekender-ender. :)     Ok   i’ll      email or say Hi and all that later to ya or something, ok ?    Thanks a LOTTa!