Internet not working after Kaspersky disinfected sysnetwk.exe

  • 11 June 2019
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So there is file named sysnetwk.exe which is detected as a malware. Which kaspersky detects and tells to resolve then it starts to disinfect the file and restarts the pc. Then the internet stops working after some time my firewall pops up says allow sysnetwk.exe to use internet(as i have kept the setting on firewall to ask me if any new software asks for internet), i dont give the permission but still internet starts working and again AV detects it as malware i dont remove it because without it the internet doesn't work. But some days back kaspersky removed it and now even if internet is connected the file sysnetwk.exe donot come back. But the internet works in kaspersky AV when updating it. I uninstalled AV and used Kaspersky removal tool-downloaded it again through the cd and added my account and updated the app(200mb+ download), still internet doesnot work on any other thing except kaspersky AV

5 replies

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Ayush Pathania,
Can you tell us please:
  1. The names & versions of all Kaspersky software installed?'
  2. Operating system, name, version, build?
  3. Screen print/s of the errors/issues?
  4. Any events logged in Kaspersky software REPORTS that specifically identify the error/issue?
Please let us know?
Where do i find this all info ?
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Hello Ayush Pathania,
  • Kaspersky software:
*move mouse pointer over the application icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. In the pop-up box you will find: Product name, (example: Kaspersky Internet Security), Full version number (for example,, release number (example (f))
We need to know the name, version#, release#, of ALL Kaspersky products please?

  • Operating system, name, version, build:
If you're using Windows, start "run", type in winver - the popup display will show: Operating system name, version# & OS build#

  • Screen prints - ANY images that visually represent the issues you're reporting.
Kaspersky Anti Virus
Kaspersky Secure connection
Windows 8.1 pro
Version 6.3(Build 9600)
I have subscription for AV only and not for Secure Connection

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Hello Ayush Pathania,
Thanks for posting back and the information.
  1. Please check KAV "Reports" for the period where the issue is happening and see if there are any issues logged that represent the issue/s. If errors atre logged , please export and post back a sample = there may be many records, we only need a sample please?
  2. Please start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking and report back which, if any applications that use the internet connection do or do not work, try all the applications you normally use, and do not do this while KAV is updating and do not have Kaspersky Secure connection active.
  3. Then repeat, the list, without KAV updating AND with Kaspersky Secure connection active.