Installation Error: 27300 mklif.sys_602_X64 Error Code: 2147024891

  • 13 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Had an earlier Kaspersky AntiVirus uninstalled. Now not able to install KAV20 due to this error. Already tried disabling driver protection, but no success.

Furthermore, Kaspersky customer service is not responding for the past 2 days. I have a valid license.

3 replies

Same here. KAV stopped working. The normal uninstall process didn't work either. Used kav remover tool and when trying to reinstall KAV got this error.

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Welcome. Please check this
Ok since the Kaspersky customer support was of zero help, let me show you how I solved this problem on my own. Sorry to say that Kaspersky support is disappointing, I already paid for a 2 year licence.

Solution that worked for me

1. Insert win 8.1 boot able USB / cd
2. Refresh windows
3. Install kaspersky
4. Install all other programs
5. Waste 2 hours of your time in the process
6. End up with a sense that you are protected
7. Learn to Never rely on Kaspersky customer support

In case you made a grave error of uninstalling Kaspersky and reinstalling it. This is your only option, unless you want the Kaspersky customer support to contact you after 5years for a solution.