How to disable the "sign into Kaspersky" popup

  • 16 September 2021
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I can see there were many threads asking how to disable this popup and various versions of the antivirus have “added it back in.” However I am a brand new user to Kaspersky, coming from ESET NOD32. I left ESET because of their annoying pop-up notifications…. what is this??!


There is no option to “don’t remind me again” -- and I do not want to sign in Kaspersky… I don’t want a reminder, ever. This is Kaspersky Antivirus just installed yesterday.


Is this normal behavior? 

Do I need to put up with this X times before it gives the options? Some marketing guy thought this was a great idea.


Older thread How to disable the 'sign in to My Kaspersky' popup | Kaspersky Community 


My pop-up today, a new user:


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Sign in to MyKaspersky popup. No Don’t remind me anymore option

  1. Is this normal behavior? 

Hello @takeiteazy


  1. No, it’s not “normal”, unless Kaspersky have reverted to publishing the popup, without the Don’t remind me anymore option, which we hope is not the case ‘cause, (ioo), that would be really dumb. 

In KAV, SettingsInterface, Notifications, Notification settings, System audit, there's 6 configurable options for:

  • Error connecting to MyKaspersky.
  • Login to (your) MyKaspersky account.
  • Connected to MyKaspersky.
  1. Please uncheck each one, select OK, to apply the change.
  2. Run a manual Database update →  allow it to complete.
  3. Shutdown the computer using Shutdown, not Restart, power on, login, make sure KAV is running, recheck the issue? 

Please let us know the outcome? 

Also note, in the KAV Registering and connecting to My Kaspersky documentation, there’s an additional statement:

In some cases, registration on My Kaspersky is required to start using the application, however, as far as we understand, & unless something has changed, this only applies to Kaspersky Security Cloud:thinking:

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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I am using the Kaspersky Internet Security trial and was only asked to login once at the end of the installation. This step could then be skipped and I was not asked again since then.

There is no corresponding message in the notification center either, not even a ignored one. There *is* a notification that my trial is active and when I click Details and then click Manage it asks me to sign in. But that can again be cancelled.

The notification settings listed by @Flood and Flood's wife are all enabled here, still no popup yet.

Maybe this is limited to the free version? I had that installed earlier, but don’t remember if I had to sign in to use it. Will test again and report back.


On a side note: I find it ironical that the very first time I actively noticed a popup over a full-screen application / game was when Kaspersky informed me that its game-mode would protect me from popups. :P

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Interesting. I just did a UEFI update and got the popup right afterwards. And yes, it only offers a “remind me later” button.