How to buy the licensed English version in China?

  • 10 August 2021
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I live in China. I want to buy an antivirus for my computer.

I downloaded a demo version from the Ukrainian Kaspersky website and I found it useful and usable (I tried another antivirus, but it could not work in China). I would like to buy a licensed version, but I do not know how to.

My version of Kaspersky is downloaded from the Ukrainian website, so I am afraid that I cannot use  the license purchased in China with the program downloaded from the Ukrainian website. Buying license from the Ukrainian or Russian website may not work as well (it is stated that I cannot activate license outside of the country where I purchased my antivirus). And Chinese website lacks English language. Another problem is that the online commerce platforms (JD.com) sell license in a doubled price, which is not very attractive.

I would like to ask whether I can buy license here, in China, and use it for the program, which is currently on my computer. And if not, then how and where to download a version compatible with the Chinese license?

Could anybody give me a contact of the support team? 

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3 replies

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@dIMON Welcome.

There are no regional restrictions for products purchased on the Kaspersky Global Website.

Dear Berny

So, I should enter www.kaspersky.com (Kaspersky Antivirus 2021 for Windows | PC Virus Protection | Kaspersky) and make payment from there, right? And this license is valid in China as well, right?

The question is, probably, not very smart, but I am really tired to find a customer support on this website. Maybe you can also share a link for the customer support?


Many thanks!

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@dIMON Hi,

That’s right.

If however you should encounter any problem  Kaspersky Technical Support will provide assistance.