Disinfection impossible

  • 19 August 2019
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Hello Everyone,

What do you mean by "Disinfection Impossible " and "Object Disinfected" mean?

5 replies

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Welcome. Can you please provide more details or submit a screenshot or a detailed scan report.
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what do "Disinfection Impossible " and "Object Disinfected" mean?
Hello @malhi.
With Kaspersky software, the terms:

"Disinfection Impossible" usually means:
  • Disinfection of a malicious file attempt failed.
  • Object/File "most likely" Quarantined/Deleted.
"Object Disinfected" usually means:
  • Suspicious Object/File was disinfected/cleaned/made safe
Do you have files/objects that have been classified "Disinfection Impossible" & or "Disinfected"?
Please let us know?
Thank you @FLOOD for response.
Actually both events occur "Object disinfected" & "Disinfection Impossible" for same file. I am confused here that what should i consider!!!
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@malhi Please provide full detection information.
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Hello @malhi,
Please go to Kaspersky application, select More Tools, in Tools window select Reports, in Reports window, select Detailed Reports, look for the events that match your post "object disinfected", "disinfection impossible" select the category (not All events) select 24hrs or 7days, select Export, export report, save as .txt, upload using "upload" icon please?

  • & go to Kaspersky application Quarantine - check if the objects/files are quarantined?
Note - please don't make any changes to these objects atm & please don't upload any objects with your reply, just the report please?