Cannot uninstall KAV. Forticlient detects Kaspersky. Kavremove don’t detect anything.

Hi I must install Forticlient for VPN SSL connected to Fortigate fabric but install fails with message Kaspersky is installed while they ((Anti virus/Secure connection v18..v20 depending computer)) are uninstalled without pb (it seems) and reboot before trying to install Forficlient.

Kavremove don’t detect anything.

File attached for information.

Thank’s for helping



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@ffvc Welcome. Did you check for leftovers with REGEDIT ?

Thank’s 4 helping.

Yes i check registry no entries/keys exists (look for “kaspersky” entries in keys, values ...)


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@ffvc Please have a look with RevoUninstaller ?

OK Berry, i look for this tool tomorrow on morning (GMT+1) and return to u. Good evening.

Hi Berry, Revo uninstaller don’t detect Kaspersky, i have tried to install 6.4 … which detects KAV, oups

J have not tried the pro version of Revo uninstaller ?



Welcome. Did you check for leftovers with REGEDIT ?
I have bought revo pro and scan all entries, delete them, but FClient detects always “Kaspersky Anti-Virus”, registry has no entries named “kaspersky” or “avp” or “anti-virus”, no directories exists or files
Very strange


Last operations, launch kavremover and try to remove all KAV 2010 ..2018, etc..

No good results

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The next step is Kaspersky Technical Support , unfortunately not available for Kaspersky Free.
? Maybe that Reinstall > Exit > Uninstall > Reboot  could fix your issue  ?

I think so to spy forticlient setup to generates a log files where actions executed during pre install (files, registry,..) will be recorded.

It’s not a free product, licence for all computers are not renewed because corp fix a new client mandatory by new firewall fabric.
OK thank’s Berry, I contact KTS.

I have done yesterday your action without result… sorry

How can i contact KTS ? by what way ?

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@ffvc Please go to  https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new (*)

(*) Available for registered versions.