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  • 31 March 2021
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I did something dumb and downloaded a crack thinking KAV would warn me if it was actually a bad file, so when I got no warnings I installed it and something took control of my pc for a few minutes (I can provide the link to the download if needed). I know it somehow got access to my facebook account, probably through browser cookies since a password change ended the suspicious activity. Now, the only problem that I have is that sometimes my google searches are redirected to scam sites (amazon loyalty program), has happened around 3 times today on my pc and even 1 time on my phone!

I have already scanned several times and used other antimalware software but keep getting 0 results after the initial hits and quarantines.

Is it possible my router was hijacked?

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Hello @RaistlinMajere


  1. PC OS version & build ?
  2. Android OS version & build ?
  3. PC: Kaspersky application name & version number?
  4. Android: Kaspersky application name & version number?
  5. Has a full reset of browsers on both devices been done? 
  6. on the PC, go to KAV Reports, select Web Anti-Virus, are there any events that match the issue? If “yes”, please post a screen print? 
  7. Don’t post the download link, take a full screen screenprint of it so we can see all details & post the image OR, copy the link to a text file & attach:paperclip: the text file please? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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