Blue screen error [SPLIT & MOVED]

  • 10 December 2019
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I have the same issue.

At 6th december 2019 the Kaspersky KAV updated itself and today I got again Bluesceens. PC waked up from sleep, Desktop shown for 40 seconds, then booom. Reboot the same behavior.

IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE 0x000000c8 00000000`00020002 fffff800`1143a300 ffffb38e`9cd6b9a0 00000000`00000000 ndis.sys ndis.sys+1a300


This now happened 3 times in the last 3 month. Today again. PC waked up from sleep, used it for 1 minute, booooom.
Till now, I solved the problems by restoring last system restore point. I have a desctop pc. No HP. No issues before Kaspersky.
Windows 1903. I would say, the KAV update is the problem. May if the PC is not rebooted but  waked from sleep. I am a Computer specialist since 27 years, and I have seen everything...
Kaspersky must react now, otherwise it is my last deal with them.

7 replies

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Hello  @ThePCExpert,


Is (your) KAV from the Kaspersky Home software range? 

What is KAV version & patch ? 

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:  


its KAV (f)
on Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 18362

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Hello  @ThePCExpert,

Thank you for replying.

(Since the issues began, 3 months ago), have the following checks been performed:  

  1. System requirements ? 
  2. Software comptability
  3. Has KAV been uninstalled and resinstalled?
  4. Is KAV Premium or Free? 
  5. Please run a GSI & Windows Logs, upload the folder to cloud & post back the link please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Note, I’ve asked the Moderators to move the Topic to B2C = Kaspersky Home/Personal software, atm, it’s in B2B = Kaspersky Business software. 


  • System Requirements are from 1990. Of cause I meet the requirements.
  • The Software compatibility check is a joke, isn’t it? I will NOT check all the 200 rows in this article. And if I imagine, I would be a standard PC user, I would not know, how to check and what is shown there. This must be done automatically by the application. Sorry, this is the wrong way.
  • I do not have any strange things installed on my PC. Its maintained very well and as I said, I am an expert.
  • KAV was uninstalled a while (some month) and reinstalled than. Till reinstallation the problems occur.
  • I have a licence sincemore than 10 years, because I think this AV is the best...now...hmmmm.
  • And I will NOT upload any logs from my PC into any cloud. In Germany we are proud of taking the GDPR very seriously. Me as expert, working for a ww IT company, will not share anything I cannot control.

thx for your help

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Hello  @ThePCExpert,

Thank you for replying. 

  1. With v20, Kaspersky has introducted new requirements, if a Kaspersky software “update” has happened, as opposed to a new/clean install, the Kaspersky Customer will not be notified of software conflicts. Kaspersky says this is “as per design” as the Customer “has already been working with incompatible sfw”, that in theory might wash, except for the fact, the incompatible software, wasn’t previously incompatible:disappointed:  

:octagonal_sign: We take GDPR very seriously too, that’s why there’s always “other” options:octagonal_sign:

As KAV is licensed, please escalate to Kaspersky Technical Support, TS will request GSI & Windows Logs.

“If” there are any “software” conflicts, TS may be voided, it’s the Customer’s responsibility to ensure no such conflicts exist.

Thank you.

Additonal references:

KAV 2020 Library

KAV Patches A – F release notes


Vulnerability Report: List of Advisories


I decided to use KAV because its silent, not taking my or my PCs resources and do what it is made for. If now getting in trouble with the software, I will not spend too much time in solving problems, I am not responsible and can solve much quicker by changing the sofware.
I am sorry, but my experiences with tickets often results in an endless ping pong game consuming time I am not willing to spend.
Your help was very appreciated, but my KAV sent reports to your server after every crash. So I expect the problem will be find in your lab and solved in futher versions.

If not, I will look for another AV software as soon my license is over.

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Hello  @ThePCExpert,

You’re very welcome!

The Kaspersky Community is a totally separate entity to Kaspersky Technical Support.

Thank you. 

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