After the scan, 1 object detected and not disinfected. media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll as Not A Virus Heur. [Closed]

  • 14 December 2019
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Full Scan    Objects detected: 1, neutralized: 0, not disinfected: 1    Detected: 1


what it means?


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Hello  @tsrinivask,


Sometimes, a detected file is unable to be processed accordiing to Kaspersky’s predefined rules, when that happens KAV gives a message say the app found the file, but could not disinfect or neutralize it. Sometimes a file can be locked & KAV cannot access it to clean, there can be a number of possibilites. 

:octagonal_sign: When you look at KAV Full Scan REPORT, and select “Detail”, the objects that have been scanned should show, can you check for me please?

  • Please export the report, save as a .txt file & attach, using the paperclip:paperclip:icon, to your reply please?

Please post back?

Thank you


15.12.2019 00.56.05    Idle Scan    Task completed    Completion time: Today, 15-12-2019 00:56
15.12.2019 00.54.23    Object (file) not processed    C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    File: C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    Object name: not-a-virus:HEUR:Downloader.Win32.Funshion.gen    Reason: Allowed by user
14.12.2019 23.49.03    Object (file) not processed    C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    File: C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    Object name: not-a-virus:HEUR:Downloader.Win32.Funshion.gen    Reason: Postponed
14.12.2019 23.49.02    Object (file) detected    C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    File: C:\Users\DELL\Downloads\media.player.codec.pack.v4.5.2.setup.exe// \Fusion.dll    Object name: not-a-virus:HEUR:Downloader.Win32.Funshion.gen
14.12.2019 23.10.27    Idle Scan    Task started    Time: Yesterday, 14-12-2019 23:10

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Hello  @tsrinivask,

Thanks for posting back:pray_tone3:

From the report: 

  • Object (file) detected
  • Object (file) not processed   -  Reason: Postponed
  • Object (file) not processed   “ Allowed by user “ 
  1. Does Fusion.dll still exist?
  2. Are there any objects in KAV Quarantine?

Please let me know?

Thank you

yes Fusion.dll file still there


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Hello  @tsrinivask,

KAV, Tools, Quarantine - anything? 


:warning: Before the problem, was any media.player software downloaded?:warning:


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Funshion (风行) is a chinese media company. Its media parsing shared libraries will be integrated into different players. But the dll contain advertisement function, so It is been detected as a riskware. If you use this media play, You should trust this dll.