3 different computers, yet two automatically upgraded Kaspersky, one has not auto upgraded.

  • 9 January 2021
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I am getting confused here


I am licensed to run Kaspersky for three different computers, desktops and two laptops


Yet, my desktop and one of my laptop doesn’t get the updated UI like one of laptop do


I don’t know what version of anti-virus I am using on either

6 replies

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Updated GUI? What means updated GUI maybe probably new version of kaspersky but version is?? 

Please check version on all 3 devices. 

How do I check the version on each computer?


Dont worry, I’ve found out

Two say 20.0.14

The newer GUI says

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Yes as you wrote newer Version is

If you wish you can uninstall older Version 20.0.14 do restart PC and after that download and install Version

Thanks it worked, but I was a bit confused as to why one got automatically updated, while the others were not auto updated

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No problem youre welcome..

Sometimes it depends by region... Maybe hardware etc… hard to say... These 3 devices are in same region? 

I never upgraded via program update.. I do always uninstall and install clean version not over older Version.