KART for Business 5.0 basic information

  • 7 March 2020
  • 2 replies

I had installed KART for business ver.4. Version 5 few was updated automatically few days ago. I need more information to know before I’ll sign the agreement.

  1. How to check if I I have administrative rights? I’m only one user of the PC where KART is installed
  2.  I have 2 drives installed on my PC : SSD with Windows and Linux on it  and storage HDD. I’d like to make exclusion for scanning of few folders on HDD. How to make these exclusions for KART (I can do that for another Anti-virus program)?

Thank you.

2 replies


@razes Hello.

  1. You can set up password for the application. As soon as you set the password it will be required to change settings or uninstall the application. The first user who will set up password will become an “administrator”. This setting is not related to the type of user in Windows. The admin password is not set by default, so you will have an access to all product’s settings.
  2. Please note, that KART is not an anti-virus scanner. It provides real-time protection against ransomware instead and monitors activity of applications in the system. You can use “manage apps” feature to add specific apps to trusted. You cannot add the whole folder (and subfolders) to exclusions.

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