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Community rules

  • 22 January 2019
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General provisions of the Community

  • The Community of Kaspersky Lab product users was created for the purpose of resolving issues encountered while using Kaspersky Lab products.
  • The Community portal provides help to users with commercial licenses and trial licenses, and to users of free utilities (if a Community participant has sufficient expertise on working with the free utilities).
  • Kaspersky Lab cannot guarantee that a user's issue will be resolved by submitting a query to the Community.
  • If necessary, Kaspersky Lab employees may ask a user to submit a request to Technical Support using the standard channels for submitting requests (My Kaspersky, Company Account).
  • Community help is provided by Kaspersky Lab employees and by other participants of the Community. Any Community participant who is not banned can respond to open queries.
  • The Community is not intended for advertisements of third-party software, services, or other topics that do not directly relate to resolving issues encountered when working with Kaspersky Lab products.
  • Communication in the Community is regulated by the norms of business correspondence. Any disrespectful treatment of other participants or Kaspersky Lab, obscenities or other violations of business ethics may incur punishments up to and including exclusion from participation in the Community (please refer to the list of violations of Community rules below).
  • Each section of the Community may have its own specific rules that are established by the leaders of the particular section without conflicting with the main rules of the Community.
  • The Community is not intended for discussing other topics that are not related to resolving issues with Kaspersky Lab products. You are advised to conduct all other discussions on the portal of the Kaspersky Lab Fan Club (the link is in the forum header). Threads that are not related to technical support will be deleted by the Community administration.
  • Topics without activity for 180 days will be automatically closed

Community participants may:

  • Create their own queries addressed to other participants of the Community for the purpose of resolving an issue encountered when using a Kaspersky Lab product.
  • Participate in resolving the issues experienced by other users of the Community, mainly by providing their own recommendations and instructions aimed at resolving the issues described in other people's threads.
  • Evaluate the quality of responses by other Community participants using the standard features of the portal (Like, Share, Solution, etc.).
  • Participate in surveys, research, discussions, and beta tests conducted by Kaspersky Lab employees.

The following are considered to be violations of the Community rules:

  • Unethical behavior (obscenity, rudeness, or insults directed at other participants or at the company).
  • Request for the publication of information, including reports and logs, that may contain personal data or confidential data.
  • Flood (creation of meaningless queries or messages).
  • Spam (publication of advertising materials, including in a user signature).
  • Bumping (publication of meaningless messages for the purpose of raising a query to the top of the list).
  • Incitement of conflict based on religion, national or geopolitical affiliation, politics, gender, age, sexual orientation, or other differences between participants of the Community.
  • Publication of links or software from third-party vendors of information security products, or their use when resolving issues (if Kaspersky Lab has already developed similar products).
  • Ignoring the requests of moderators and administrators.
  • Consistent failure to stay on topic (publication of messages that are not aimed at resolving the problem of the person who started the thread).
  • Consistent violation of specific rules of particular sections.
  • Publication of malicious files or links.


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