HEUR.Trojan.Win32.Inject.Gen in my code

  • 24 June 2019
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I'm a programmer at a Brazilian software factory. We program and compile in Delphi. Kaspersky is identifying some of our executables as being HEUR.Trojan.Win32.Inject.Gen

How should I proceed to find out what is going wrong in my code.

No other anti-virus has encountered this problem.

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Hello and welcome,

you can submit your code to Kaspersky through the whitelist program, which allows you to proactively combat false positives in all Kaspersky products.

Find out more and register for the whitelist program here.

It is completely free, but there are the following requirements for your company:
  • You must have a working website.
  • You website must contain company’s legal address.
  • Your software and its website must not promote religious, political, or pseudo-scientific ideas.
  • Your software must not replicate third-party products interface or standard operating system messages.
  • Your software must not display fake messages allegedly provided by a third party.
  • Every web site and software control icon and its title must unambiguously signify the associated action.
  • Your software must not advertise or promote third-party software or web resources, unless they are used as a launch platform (like Steam or Origin).
  • Software code or configuration files (including downloads) must not contain malicious functions or resources hosting Potentially Unwanted Programs (PuP).
  • Digital signature (if Company has one) must not be used by other vendors and/or compromised (there must be no registered cases of the signature having been used by malware or PuP).
  • Your software may also not be used to remotely access the computer without the user's consent or notice.
Good luck & kind regards

P.S. You can also upload your .exe to VirusDesk and report it as false/positive. Remember, however, that future products of your company, or even changed code, can be detected as false/positive by Kaspersky's products through updates and that a new upload may be necessary.

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