What to do if Kaspersky detects trojan.multi.brosubsc.gen

  • 21 September 2021
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If Kaspersky products show detection notifications about trojan.multi.brosubsc.gen, then read the information below:

Users often complain about advertising notifications in the browser, which appear as a result of unreasonable actions on dubious websites. If the user agrees to accept notifications from the site, the browser settings appear to prescribe unwanted resources.
Trojan.Multi.BroSubsc.gen verdict is given when checking autorun objects in case browser settings (at the moment Crome, Yandex, Opera, Vivaldi are supported, in future the list will be expanded) prescribe detectable URL that give out these advertising notifications.


Follow these steps:

  1. Update base of our product and run the Quck scan. Then use the Advanced Disinfection with a Windows reboot.
  2. You should also check the browser content notifications (disable it), subscriptions and permissions in your browser. And installed extensions. Reset or disable anything suspicious.

How to disable notifications:

  • For Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1287625
  • For Chrome: Settings / Additional / Content settings / Notifications
    or chrome://settings/content/notifications
  • For Opera: Settings / Advanced / Privacy & Security / Content Settings / Notifications 




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